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Welcome to the home of records, where you can explore mind-blowing feats and record-breaking wonders

Jobs and Motivation

Kids are the future of this universe and need motivation by example of their parents or teachers those may have achieved world recognition. Every teacher and parent wish to motivate his child and here Amazing Olympia World Records provides the platform of World Records Talent where everyone can be Official World Record Holder according to their quality or skill. 

Inspiration: With Motivation AOWR also works to inspire the kids and youth to make maximum world records and be eligible to achieve the world class title of Amazingly Olympian. As Amazingly Olympian every record holder can join the Joint director team of Amazing Olympia World Records and can work with us.


AOWR has aim to build the biggest talent working team till the year of 2031.


Be The Part Of History

Are you thinking of making a record application (either as an individual or in a small team) in the next few months? Well how about being a part of Amazingly Olympian World Records' biggest event of the year, AOWR Day? Simply make your application and select the event "AOWR Day 2021" when prompted, and join in the celebrations!

Participate in our upcoming world record event, to register your name in our book. Check out our upcoming events below.



 CAD- $ 16,000

  • Instant service by the team of Amazing Olympia world Records.

  • Eligible to get Official Invitation to come to Canada to set individual record attempt

  • Management Directions for the 99% successful attempt.

  • On stage certificate's Award presentation by AOWR's team.

  • Help to release Press/media report or live announcement by official jury of AOWR.

  • Website highlights branding of attempt in AOWR.

  • Three chances of attempt in front of Jury. (Conditions applies)

  • Eligible to have on stage one Free T-shirt of AOWR.

  • Eligible to have on stage one Free Medal of AOWR.

  • Eligible to Join Our Team as Independent International Coordinator of AOWR after holding the title of "Official World Record Holder."



YEAR - "2022"

 Free Record Attempt. ,

Application Fee:

INR 963 / $18

"Make your record by your own"


For $20 Paid  E-CERTIFICATE,

Paid Handy AOWR Official certificate with extra courier service charges.


Premium Service

INR 29000 / $470

Instant Fast Service

Including record fee-$300

Jury fee : $100


1 person eligible to attempt and have the AOWR AOWR E- Certificate, Handy Certificate via free speed post. or courier with extra fee. AOWR will approve record within 3 business days cycle.


Order Medals

t shirts.jpg

Order T-Shirt

Order Certificate


What makes an Amazing Olympia World Records title (AMAZINGLY - OLYMPIAN)?

Amazing Olympia World Records documents and celebrates superlative achievements that are the best in the world as per our records. Record breaking is a serious business, which means we have strict policies governing what constitutes an Amazing Olympia World Records title in order to maintain these high standards. Here is an overview of the considerations at the heart of any record assessment.

What is an Amazing Olympia World Records title?

Each record title must fulfil all of the following criteria. They must be:

  • Measurable – Can it be measured objectively? What is the unit of measurement? We do not accept applications based on subjective variables. For example - taste, emotion or guess.

  • Breakable – Can the record be approved? Our record titles must be open to being challenged with proper way as per guidelines.

  • Proper Standard  - Can the record be repeated by someone else? Is it possible to create a set of parameters and conditions that all challengers can follow?

  • Verification - Can the record be claimed? Will there be accurate evidence available to prove it has been held?

  • Based on one variable - Is the record based on one superlative and measured in one unit of measurement?

  • The best in the world - Has anyone else done better? If your record suggestion is new then Amazing Olympia World Records will set a challenging minimum requirement for you to beat.

We accept all new record titles against our rules and values of integrity, respect, inclusiveness and passion. As such, we have a number of our moral policies that all records must adhere to. For example we do not endorse:

  • Unsuitable activities or those which could cause potential harm,, involved with violation or danger to spectators.

  • All records those endanger or harm animals or live creature.

  • Excessive eating. All of our eating records are limited to short time periods and small quantities of food, such as fastest time to eat ten apples.

  • Food wastage. We require any record relating to food to follow strict policies regarding food consumption and charity.

  • Any record involving the consumption of alcohol as part of drinking contests, binge drinking or speed drinking or connected with similar drugs.

  • Illegal activities in pursuit of record breaking or any age sexual activity.

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Amazing Olympia World Record is first world record organization of Canada who is an partner and registered with Yoga Ministry Of Canada

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