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The whole world is connected with balance in power and equality! So here with more than 15 years research, we have designed a new platform of "Amazing Olympia World Records" as per the demand of society and the need of world. We are the best alternate of world's sports organization, world records books and a lot of got talents of world.


1. We have set the master strategy to provide jobs to each official world records holder of AOWR.


2. We also have set a strongest test to provide the achievement title calls AMAZINLY OLYMPIAN where each record holder has to maintain his/her record every month continuously till 12 months to get this tile of "AMAZINGLY OLYMPIAN". 


Mr. Sanjeev Pal Singh
President of AOWR

Ms. Diana Aleksandrova



Dr. Loknath Nath
Joint Director of AOWR


Mr. Raval Babubhai Ishvarbhai
Joint Director of AOWR


 Er. Sushant  Dwivedi
Joint Director of AOWR

The AOWR is an incorporative Company registered in the law of Government of Canada in the year 2020 and affiliated partner with Yoga Ministry of Canada . Its our honor to be the first world book record organization in Canadian territory. AOWR has been registered to encourage & assist to the people talents with Amazing Performance which is documenting human and natural world records through Amazing Olympia World Records Book of World Records. Amazing Olympia World Records (AOWR) has been launched in CANADA & its only book registered in the Canada, it is the second World Record book company in the Canada and very popular in Canada after Guinness World Records. AOWR is providing the valuable title to the


World record holders with official title as - 

Amazingly Olympian

Employment Offers:

Amazing Olympia world records is the only organization which have the motto to create more than one million jobs worldwide until coming 2031.

Number 1. Motivator : Amazing Olympia World Records is the first and only organization which has decided to provide the cash money support to the Record Holders. World must know that any record holder who will maintain his/her record for at least 1 year with every 3 months official reattempts can get the cash awards (will declare soon). These cash awards will get started from the World record festival January 2023.

Uniqueness in the book of AOWR

  • Other than encouraging people to break or those already set records, AOWR also suggests new records which people can attempt.

  • AOWR also gives on-the-spot certification and online certification along with giving the certification of breaking records though the normal process.

  • AOWR works through an on-line portal which gets updated every 24 hours for the convenience of the visitors and aspirants.

  • Archives of the Present records are kept diligently. (Current holder would be displayed in the website)

  • Easy going process of claiming the attempted record.

  • Minimal Adjudication Cost.


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